Starting in November 2013 I will be auctioning off Qeester's entire Qee collection on EBay.    
    Qeester was the premier Qee information and sales site. I opened it in March of 2004 and it was an immediate success. Since early 2003 I had been maintaining a Qee homage site which showcased images of all the earliest designs.

The Qeester forum members shared amazing images of their custom designs and collections and their thoughts about all things Qee. They created a wonderful and uniquely funny and friendly community. It was always a pleasure to meet Qeesters in person in SF, NYC, LA, and in San Diego for Comic-Con.

After three and half years I closed Qeester to take a job with a film studio. I would gladly have sold Qeester to one of several interested buyers, but I could not persuade the company that made Qee to support Qeester under new management. Without that guarantee, my buyers walked, and I had no choice but to sell the remaining inventory and close the site.
    In my new job, we're just getting our building turned into a soundstage, and we'll soon start releasing short films and commercial parodies that we hope everyone will enjoy.    
    The film studio is Meets The Eye    
    I'm also reachable through Facebook.    
    Thanks to everyone who helped make Qeester magic and unforgettable.

Tim Blackmore